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Beaverton Schools


For safety reasons, we strongly encourage parents to have students ride the bus to school.


(Our parking lot is small & not designed for a lot of car traffic.) 


Arrival Procedures

Adult supervision of students is provided beginning at 8:20 a.m. Students should not be on the school grounds before that time. The playground is closed during arrival and dismissal. Students will go to the exterior classroom door and wait on the designated spots until the classroom door opens.

Breakfast begins at 8:15 am, students getting breakfast need to proceed to the outside cafeteria doors. Students will take their breakfast to their classroom.

All students should be in their classroom by 8:30 am. All students that arrive after 8:30 am must check in at the office.

If you must drop off your child in the morning, please observe the following:

  • Use the middle driveway right lane to drop off. 
  • Use the left lane as a thru lane to reach the lower parking lot and then park and walk across to the school. When crossing the lane to reach the school, please cross ONLY at the crosswalk.  
  • When you use the right lane (drop-off lane), always pull as far forward as possible before dropping off your student.
  • Your student should ALWAYS exit the car from the passenger side of the vehicle.


Dismissal Procedures

  • 3:00 pm: K-2nd grade classes are brought to the buses by staff.
  • 3:05 pm: 3rd-5th grade students go to the buses unaccompanied

All students should go directly home at the end of the school day.  All school supervision ends 15 minutes after dismissal. Students are expected to be picked up or gone from the school campus by this time unless they are participating in a school-sponsored after-school activity. 

If a bus is late, the students will stand in the bus line designated in the front of the school. If it is raining, the students will stand under cover or in the main halls at the designated line up area. 

When school is dismissed, all students must go directly home or to a predesignated destination.  After school supervision is not provided.

Please note: Rock Creek does not offer drive thru pickup.

If you must pick up your child in the afternoon, please observe the following:

  • By 2:55 pm, please park in a legal, designated parking spot. 
  • Wait socially distanced outside your student's classroom door, please pick up youngest child first.
  • There is NO student pick-up in the school lobby.