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Beaverton Schools


When McKinley School exploded with a student population of over 600 students in 1973, Rock Creek School became a reality. Mr. Darrell Wilson was named principal and the staff was selected. The following year three new elementary buildings were scheduled to open as part of the Beaverton School District. Hiteon, Kinnaman, and Rock Creek were all built with the "Open Classroom" concept, and all three staffs attended a workshop in August of 1974 to prepare to function as a team within this new design.

When school opened in the fall of 1975, construction delays prohibited the opening of Rock Creek. Staff and students were then temporarily housed at McKinley. Each school functioned separately under one roof, requiring use of the gym and portables for the twelve classrooms that Rock Creek needed. The boys’ locker room served as faculty room, a supply room was the office, and Mr. Lebold rolled his piano from room to room for music. In January of 1976, excited students and relieved faculty arrived at the new building. The fourth grade needed a half time teacher and Susan Guyton was added to the staff. So, with three fourth grades and two at grades one through six, librarian, Carol Orazetti, and the staff planned the first Media Center. Rock Creek School was finally a reality. The students selected the Rocket as the official emblem for the school. Rock Creek Elementary School served many students from the Rock Creek area and then in September 1988, happily opened its doors to accommodate Rock Creek 8, 10, and Allenbach Acres.

The north modular wing was completed in the summer of 1989 and with it came the Early Intervention Program that was originally a joint program for handicapped birth-5 year-olds with Washington County Mental Health. Washington County ESD assumed the responsibilities of the Early Intervention Program in the fall of 1992. Rock Creek School continued its growth with the development of new areas to the north. By the mid 1990's, the district added an additional pod of four classrooms to the north modular wing (our 2nd grade area) to accommodate our increased school population. This addition helped for several years but in 2000 the ESD Early Intervention Program was moved to another location so that we could use the entire north building. Rock Creek's student population continued to grow reaching over 650 students during the 2008/09 school year.

In September of 2009, the Beaverton School District opened Springville K-8 School. With boundary changes for the new school, our population dropped back to about 500 students.

Many exciting things have occurred at Rock Creek since opening in 1975 thanks to the students, staff, and parents. Rock Creek served as a pilot school for the "Family Style" lunch program under the direction of Marge Koch. In 1976, a Bicentennial quilt was made by the students. Then in 1978 as part of an Environmental Education Project, the first paper drive was held. Funds collected were used to purchase the fencing and outside benches that still serve the school. In 1995, Rock Creek proudly celebrated 20 years and held an Open House and Art Literacy Fair, provided a "birthday party" for the entire school, and the Parent-Teacher Club purchased the school sign on 185th Avenue to identify the school. We celebrated our 25th birthday in April 2000 and dedicated a hand-painted mural in the school entry that was painted by a Rock Creek parent. In 2001, Rock Creek started a tradition of sending our 5th Grade students to an OMSI Science Camp for two nights and three days. The entire school supports the fundraising of this trip through our “Hoop Shoot/Family Fun Night”. During the summer of 2010, Rock Creek received a major remodel. The “Open Classroom” concept gave way to permanent walls and classrooms with doors. The school also received new energy efficient windows and a new heating/cooling system. This all was quite an undertaking, with the contents of the entire school stored in the gymnasium and a walled-in undercover play area during the summer. We opened the 2010-11 school year with a whole new look.

Like all Beaverton Schools, Rock Creek has had excellent leadership with Darrell Wilson (1975-80), Bob Henry (1980-83), Larry Bosshardt (1983-88), Dorothy Danner (1988-94), Dr. Allan Deckard (1994-2000), Brian Horne (2000-07), Arlene Hirsch (2007-2011). Jared Cordon (2011-2016). Tiffany Wiencken  (2016-2022) David Westhora (2022-Present)